The Best MagSafe Power Banks in Australia

These MagSafe power banks or portable chargers will conveniently power your iPhone thanks to the built in induction charging. This means you can magnetically snap the power bank on to the back your compatible iPhone and it will start charging.

The Best MagSafe Power Banks in Australia

These are the best MagSafe power banks available in Australia. My picks are based on reliability, convenience and features:

Apple MagSafe Power Bank

Apple MagSafe Power Bank

The Apple MagSafe Power Bank is one of the very best options. Out of all the options here is has one of the lowest capacities. Apple has sacrificed capacity for usability and convenience.

First of all the Apple MagSafe Power Bank is small. Using the phone while this portable charger is attached is not an issue.

When you attach the Apple MagSafe Power Bank to the back of your phone you’ll get an on screen animation showing you how much charge the power bank. The power bank’s charge will also show up in the battery widget. Apple will also show you a notification letting you know that the battery pack will keep your phone charged to 90% not 100% to protect the life of your iPhone’s battery. This will extend the life of your phone and is definitely a good idea. I’m also fairly sure Apple is doing some temperature management with the charging.

The MagSafe power bank can also charge at the same time as your iPhone. You only need to plug in your iPhone to charge and it will reverse charge the battery pack at the same time.

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Anker 622 Magnetic Power Bank

Anker Magsafe Portable Charger

I really like the design of the Anker 622 magnetic power bank. It combines a portable charger and a stand in the one little device. If you take FaceTime calls on the go and need a device to charge and act as a stand, this is a really good option.

The Anker 622 has 5000mAh of capacity. This is enough to fully charge your iPhone. The charging pack uses a USB-C cable and this is bi-directional. You can charge other USB-C devices using this port.

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Belkin MagSafe Power Bank

Belkin MagSafe Power Bank

Belkin make two great Magnetic Power Banks that work with MagSafe. The Belkin 2.5k MagSafe Power Bank is an ultra portable power bank similar to Apple’s model. They also make a 10k Power Bank which is a lot bigger (it’s the same size as an iPhone) but can charge your device twice. If you’re after the largest portable MagSafe charger, I’d go with the Belkin 10k.

I have found the Belkin power banks to very reliable and long lasting. Belkin also make a great corded MagSafe iPhone and Apple Watch charger.

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Will these MagSafe Power Banks Work with a Case

These chargers won’t work with all cases. But they should work with official MagSafe cases sold by Apple. Apple designed the cases so that accessories like the portable charger and wallet can be snapped on to the case.

The Advantages of a MagSafe Power Bank

Is it worth get a MagSafe specific Power Bank over a portable charger with a cord? Here’s my take:

  • No need for cables – Walking around with a mess of cables hanging out of your pocket isn’t very convenient. A MagSafe power bank will magnetically snap on to the back of your iPhone.
  • Use the charger as a stand – Some of the MagSafe power banks come with a stand. If you make a lot of FaceTime calls, you’ll appreciate this feature.
  • Easy to Still Use your Phone – You can still easily use your phone with the power bank attached.

Which iPhones support a MagSafe Power Bank

Apple added MagSafe to the iPhone 12. The iPhone 13 and 14 also have MagSafe support. As Apple’s accessory lineup now fully supports MagSafe I can’t imagine it going away anytime soon.

Why you shouldn’t buy a cheap MagSafe Power Bank

There are many tech devices where buying the more expensive options doesn’t always make sense. But when it comes to Power Banks I’m very cautious about which ones I recommend, buy and use. Cheaper power banks often cut corners and can contain lower quality power cells. We’ve all heard the stories of lithium power packs exploding and catching fire. It’s why when you travel on a plane the power bank has to go in your carry on luggage when you fly. Generally I only recommend power banks made by a few brands that have a good reputation. If there was a fault in these brands we’d hear about it. But many of the cheaper brands available on Amazon or places like Kogan, come and go. They have no reputation and there is a genuine risk in using these devices. Power banks have a smaller and generally less risky design then many batteries on cheap eBikes and scooters but I still wouldn’t go with an unknown brand.

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