The Best Portable Apple Watch Chargers: Australian Guide

The Apple Watch is designed to provide all day battery life. But there are times where it can run low. In these situations you can use a portable Apple Watch Charger. There are also times when you’re traveling where you don’t want to carry a seperate Apple Watch charging cord and USB pick. These chargers don’t require you to carry a seperate power cord. The Apple Watch will connect using Magsafe.

The Best Portable Apple Watch Chargers

I’ve tested a bunch of portable Apple Watch Chargers and I’ve included three different types on this list:

leQuiven Portable Apple Watch Charger (Battery Pack)

leQuiven Portable Apple Watch Charger

The leQuiven Portable Apple Watch Charger combines a battery pack with a charger. It can charge your watch (depending on the model) between 1-2 times. This is the perfect charger if you’re going to be away from a power source but still need to charge your watch.

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ESR Portable Charger

ESR Portable Apple Watch Charger

If you don’t want to carry around an Apple Watch Charging chord, you can take this ESR portable charger with you. It has a USB-C plug so you can plug it into a device like a MacBook or even directly into a charging puck. It’s small and compact enough to fit in your pocket.

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Belkin Apple Watch Charger

Belkin Apple Watch Charger

This is the Apple Watch Charger I use while travelling. The Belkin Apple Watch Charger has fast charging and built in cable management. Its slim profile means you can easily slip it in any bag and you don’t need to worry about carrying any seperate cables.

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Looking for more chargers – I’ve put together a roundup of the best Apple Watch chargers here.

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