Does the Apple Watch work on Aldi Mobile?

Some Apple Watch models have their own e-sim and don’t need an iPhone to stay connected. But the cellular Apple Watch models don’t work on all networks in Australia.

Does the Cellular Apple Watch work on Aldi Mobile?

No, Aldi mobile does not support adding an e-sim device like an Apple Watch to your existing plan. This is because Aldi mobile isn’t a full service provider. Instead they use the Telstra network and known as a virtual network operator.

On other networks like Optus or Telstra you can add an Apple Watch to your existing mobile plan. This will cost a few dollars extra a month, but it will allow your cellular Apple Watch to work without needing an iPhone in range.

Will a Cellular Apple Watch Still Work without a Plan?

An Apple Watch that was GPS+Cellular will still work without needing a plan. You only need to add it to your mobile plan if you want to use the cellular features. If you’ve been gifted an Apple Watch with Cellular but don’t want to switch from Aldi Mobile you can still use the Apple Watch.

Which Australian Networks work with the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch works on the following networks in Australia:

  • Telstra
  • Optus
  • Vodaphone

Why Don’t Virtual Network Operators Support the Apple Watch

In order for Virtual Network Operators like Aldi Mobile to support the Apple Watch they need to basically build the backend systems. This costs money and most of the virtual operators run on a fairly slim margins. They reality is they just don’t have the in-house expertise needed to work on these features and I imagine the demand isn’t there. Aldi Mobile would need to work with both Telstra and Apple to get the e-sim features working and it would be quite an undertaking.

Do You need an Apple Watch with Cellular?

I have an Apple Watch that has cellular but I’ve found that I don’t really use it that often. It’s nice to be able to leave the house with nothing but my watch, but most of the time I still take my phone. When you have your phone, your Apple Watch won’t be using cellular.

Features like Apple Pay don’t need any network access. So even if you want to leave your wallet and phone at home and still pay for things, you will be able to do this with a regular Apple Watch. And even music can be synced to an Apple Watch so no data is required.

For most people, a regular Apple Watch without cellular is fine and I wouldn’t go to the hassle of switching mobile providers.

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