How Long is the Apple AirTag Battery Life: My Experience

I’ve been using the Apple AirTag since they were first launched. Although I’ve never lost anything outside of my home, I’ve used the Find My app multiple times to find things inside.

While Apple claims the AirTag battery will last a year, this is based on a number of factors. Here is how long the Apple AirTag battery has lasted for me:

Apple AirTag battery life

Apple AirTag Battery Life: Real World Experience

The battery in one of my AirTags has lasted an entire year (and is still going). The battery in my other AirTag needed replacing after around 9 months. So there is definitely some variation in battery life.

The AirTag that only lasted for 9 months, is with me whenever I’m out of the house. It’s on a keychain attached to my keys.

The other AirTag is in my wallet. This tag doesn’t leave the house as much. Therefore I’m speculating that the more the AirTag moves around (and connects to other iPhones in the process) the more battery drains.

The battery will also drain faster the more you use “Find My” to locate the AirTag. I definitely lose my keys more than my wallet. I’ve had to locate them using the Find My app multiple times.

Can you Charge the AirTags?

No. The AirTags use a CR2032 battery. You can pick these up quite cheaply. I recommend buying in bulk and that way you’ll always have them on hand. Even with multiple AirTags I don’t feel like I’m changing the batteries constantly, so I don’t miss having a rechargeable battery.

The other advantage of AirTags not having a lithium rechargeable battery like AirPods, is the battery won’t degrade over time. Lithium batteries lose capacity over time and need replacing. With AirTags, you’re putting a new battery in each time so these should still be working just fine years down the track.

When Do you Need to Change the Apple AirTag Battery

So I’ve found you don’t need to change the battery in the Apple AirTag as soon as you receive a “low battery” notification. I actually kept using my AirTag for around a month before I eventually changed the battery and it still was working fine. Depending on your risk tolerance, you could wait until the AirTag battery completely died before changing. Just beware that if you lose your item with a low battery, you might not find it before it dies.

In Conclusion

The Apple AirTags have the battery life that Apple claims. But it does depend on how often you lose your device and need to track the AirTag. Overall I’ve found the battery life to be really good and changing the battery is no hassle at all.

What are your experiences with the AirTag battery life? Let me know in the comments.

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