The Best MacBook Stands: Australian Guide

Looking for a stand for your MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. The good news is there is a great range of stands that parralel the same care and attention that your MacBook has been designed with.

The Best MacBook Stands in Australia

I’ve tested out a number of different MacBook stands in my home office. These are the best ones that I’ve found that are available in Australia:

Curve Stand by Twelve South

Crude Macbook Stand

The Twelve South Curve Stand is my current MacBook stand of choice and I think it’s pretty much the perfect stand.

The Curve stand lets you work with your MacBook open (or closed) and displays it at the perfect height. There are two rubber strips on the top of the stand which protect your device from any potential scratches. After a year of use, these rubber strips still look brand new and there is no sign of them disintegrating.

Unlike some cheaper stands, the Curve Stand is rock solid. Even with my 16 inch MacBook Pro, the stand doesn’t wobble. This stand is made from Aluminium and has a very nice finish.

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Besign Adjustable MacBook Stand

Besign Macbook Stand

The Besign stand is an adjustable laptop stand. For the price this is a really sturdy and solid stand. This doesn’t have the same finish and quality as a Twelve South stand, but this is a lot cheaper. The raise mechanism feels very solid and the stand didn’t wobble or move with a laptop on it.

If you’re looking for a cheaper, adjustable MacBook stand that is still solid, this is a great choice.

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Hi Rise Macbook Stand by Twelve South

Hi Rise Macbook Stand

The HiRise stand is an adjustable MacBook stand. It uses a spring based mechanism to raise and lower the stand. While I was a little worried my MacBook would slip off, the angle and grippy rubber, means I nothing to worry about.

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BookArc By Twelve South

Bookarc Macbook Stand

If you’re looking for a MacBook Stand which will hold your MacBook while it’s closed, the BookArc Stand by Twelve South is a great option. This was the original MacBook Stand I used when I didn’t really care about screen real estate and was happy to just work via 1 monitor.

The BookArc Stand works with a large range of MacBooks, Airs and Pros. It has a removable rubber grip that comes in different sizes. This means your MacBook will fit snuggly without wobbling.

The BookArc is made from Aluminium and it is extremely solid. This type of stand will last you a lifetime.

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Which MacBook Stand is Best?

All of the options on this page are great stands. I usually go back to using Twelve South stands because they are excellent quality and always have an excellent finish. By daily driver is the Curve Stand. It’s the perfect height and it will last a lifetime. But the best MacBook stand for you will really come down to how you plan to use your MacBook on the stand. If you need to save space on a desk and don’t need duel displays, the BookArc will work really well.

Macbook Stands with Chargers

There are now a number of MacBook Stands that also feature inbuilt chargers. I haven’t found any of these to be worth it. It’s better to get a good 3-in-1 charger or MagSafe stand. I’ve found these more convenient and have better quality electronics.

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