Does Fast Charging Damage an Apple Watch

Apple Watch Fast Charging

There’s a widespread belief that fast charging can damage or shorten the lifespan of a lithium battery. While this could be true in certain situations it doesn’t necessarily mean that fast charging will damage your Apple Watch. Why People Don’t…

The Best Apple Watch Chargers in Australia

Apple Watch Chargers in Australia

The Apple Watch is one of the most popular smart watches available in Australia. And there are a great range of different charging options to suit your lifestyle. I’ve tested and rounded up some of the best Apple Watch Chargers…

Does the Apple Watch work on Aldi Mobile?

Aldi Mobile and Apple Watch

Some Apple Watch models have their own e-sim and don’t need an iPhone to stay connected. But the cellular Apple Watch models don’t work on all networks in Australia. Does the Cellular Apple Watch work on Aldi Mobile? No, Aldi…