How Much is an Apple Music Subscription in Australia

Apple Music is a popular music streaming service similar to Spotify. It’s been available in Australia since launch. Here’s the complete guide to subscribing to Apple Music in Australia:

Apple Music Australia

How Much Does Apple Music Cost in Australia

A regular subscription to Apple Music currently costs $12.99 per month in Australia. Apple Music does also has a limited access plan called “Voice” and they offer discounts for Students. Apple Music doesn’t have any contracts and you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Apple Music Free Tier

Apple Music doesn’t offer a free tier like Spotify does. However Apple Music does offer a free trial which can last up to 6 months if you’ve purchased an eligible product.

Apple Music Free Trial

New Apple Music customers can try Apple Music free for 1 month. If you’ve purchased an eligible Apple Product you can also use Apple Music free for 6 months. Eligible products include the iPhone, Beats Headphones (select models), AirPods (newer versions) and HomePods. You can find out more about Apple’s device offer here.

Apple Music Student Plan

The Apple Music Student Plan costs $6.99 a month. This is only available to University Students in Australia. You can claim the Apple Music student discount through UNiDAYS. The discount will last for 4 years.

Apple Music Family Plan

The Apple Music Family plan is similar to the regular Apple Music subscription but it will give unlimited access to 6 individuals. It costs $19.99 a month in Australia. The Family Plan does require Apple’s Family Sharing feature. So you can’t just purchase the subscription to share with 6 random people.

Apple Music Voice Plan

Apple offers a Voice Plan that is designed to work through Siri devices. The Voice plan is only really worth it if you have a HomePod or HomePod mini. You can access Apple Music using your voice, but you won’t be able to make playlists or select songs through the Apple Music app.

Apple Music with an Apple One Subscription

Apple has a bundle plan called Apple One. It bundles together a number of Apple services including Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Fitness+, Apple News and Apple Arcade. It also includes iCloud storage. If you use a number of Apple Services, signing up for Apple One will end up being a better deal. It’s also a great deal if you have multiple family members using Apple Services.

Find out more about Apple One.

How to Cancel an Apple Music Subscription

Here’s how to cancel your Apple Music Subscription:

  1. Visit Settings on your Apple Device
  2. Click/Tap your Name which is next to your Profile Picture
  3. Tap Subscriptions
  4. Tap on your Apple Music Subscription and Click the Cancel button.

You’ll be able to use Apple Music until the date of the subscription expires, but you won’t be charged anymore.

Spotify vs Apple Music

Spotify Premium costs $11.99 a month. It’s currently $1 cheaper than Apple Music. Both services are very similar and have the same features. Apple does offer higher quality streams and downloads, but depending on the hardware you’re listening with, may not notice a difference. Apple has a couple of unique features such as Dolby Atmos music (Spatial Audio) and Apple Music Sing which lets you sing karaoke to pretty much any song on Apple Music.

While Spotify is currently the most popular streaming service, if you do use Apple devices the deep integration of Apple Music within the ecosystem does make it a good alternative.

Apple Music and Optus

You used to be able to get a free 12 month subscription to Apple Music on select Optus Mobile plans. Optus no longer offer these plans and you can’t subscribe to Apple Music through Optus SubHub.

Apple Music and Telstra

Telstra used to offer a free subscription to Apple Music on select mobile plans. Telstra no longer offers this as part of their entertainment extras.

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