Is Apple One worth it? Australian Guide

Have you heard of Apple One? It bundles a number of Apple services into the one subscription. Apple One is available in Australia, but is it worth it? Here’s my complete guide. I’ve been using Apple One for the past 12 months with a premier subscription. Here’s what I’ve like and not liked about Apple One:

What is Apple One

Apple One combines a number of subscription services from Apple into the one subscription. Depending on the Apple One plan these include:

  • Apple Music
  • iCloud+ (cloud storage)
  • Apple TV+
  • Apple Arcade
  • Apple Fitness+
  • Apple News+

If you’re already using a number of Apple services you could end up saving quite a bit by subscribing to Apple One instead of each individual subscription.

Apple One Plans

There are three Apple One Plans:

Apple One Individual50gb
Apple One Family200gb
Apple One Premier2tb

How Much Does Apple One cost in Australia?

This is how much an Apple One subscription costs in Australia and how much money you’d save compared to paying for each individual service.

Apple One PlanPriceSavings
Apple One Individual $21.95$10.51
Apple One Family$28.95$13.51
Apple One Premier$42.95$39.99

Is Apple One Worth Getting?

If you’re currently only using one or two Apple services like Music and iCloud, it’s probably not worth getting Apple One. But if you’re using multiple services, you’ll probably end up saving money.

The big savings are for Families. I currently share my Apple One Premier subscription with my partner. If we were to pay for individual Fitness+, Music and iCloud subscriptions we would end up paying a lot more than what we currently do. If you have children who also use things like Arcade and Apple Music it would be a significant saving.

I think Apple One is worth getting for Apple Music, iCloud+ and Fitness+. The other services are nice to have but I don’t find myself using them too often.

But how do the actual Apple services compare to other paid services?

Apple Music

Apple Music is very similar to Spotify. You’ll find all the same music. The music quality can be streamed at a higher quality on Apple Music but it may require specialist hardware to really take advantage of this. When I moved from Spotify to Apple Music it took a little while before the recommendations were as good, but now it’s as good or better at recommending music I’ll like.

Apple TV+

TV+ doesn’t have the same large library as something like Netflix or Binge. The shows are all made by Apple. I haven’t really watched anything on TV+ but that comes entirely down to my interests. You won’t be able to replace a Netflix, Stan or Binge with TV+.


Fitness+ is Apple’s workout subscription. It doesn’t offer live workouts like Peloton, instead the workouts are pre-recorded and you can do them anytime. It works best with an Apple Watch but you can do the workouts without it. The library of workouts is huge and new workouts are added every week so you don’t need to repeat workouts. I’ve tried a number of subscription workout services in Australia, and Fitness+ is currently my favourite.

Fitness+ is expensive on its own, but as part of the Apple One subscription I think it’s totally worth it.


If you play a lot of mobile games you’ll appreciate Arcade. The great thing about Arcade is none of the games require any in-app purchases. Everything is included as part of your Arcade subscription. This is great for kids. They’ll have a library of games to play and you won’t need to worry about any unexpected purchases. I play a couple of games from Arcade, especially while travelling.


News+ has its pros and cons. You’ll get access to a library of magazines and newspapers like The Australian, Time, Wall Street Journal, Men’s Health, Delicious etc. Unfortunately there are a lot of newspapers in Australia that aren’t included. It’s also annoying that the subscription to news+ only works in the Apple News app. If you’re reading a news article online that is behind a paywall, you’ll need to search for it in the News App to be able to read it.

While other Apple services feel like they are getting consistently better, it feels like News+ has faltered. News+ is nice to have, but it’s not worth getting a One subscription for.


iCloud stores all your photos, videos, documents etc in the cloud. Most people probably pay for iCloud+ already. Apple One will replace this subscription and you can get up to 2tb on the premier plan – more than I’ll ever use.

How does Apple One Family Work

You can share the Apple One Family Plan and Premier Plan with up to 5 people. It uses the Apple “Family” settings. You can setup a Family on any of your iPhone, Mac or iPad. Your Apple One subscription will automatically be shared with these people.

When you share the subscription you don’t share files and data. You each have your own profiles with your own music, watch history etc.

What Happens to my Music if I get Apple One?

Your music in Apple Music will not change when you subscribe to Apple One. Even if you’re on the family plan, you’ll still have your own library that will work exactly as an individual Apple Music subscription does.

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