My AirTag Review: 1 Year On

I’ve been using the Apple AirTags for the last year. Here’s what I like and what I don’t like. This is my AirTag review for 2023:

Apple AirTag Review

What Exactly Does an AirTag Do?

The Apple AirTag is a small circular device that you attach to personal items like your keys, wallet or bag. The AirTag will help you locate the item if you lose it. If you do lose the item you can use the “Find My” app to find the device. It will show the last known location of the AirTag. If it’s nearby you can get the AirTag to play a sound. You can also navigate to its exact location. Your iPhone uses the camera to guide you to where the item is.

If the item isn’t nearby, you can put the AirTag into Lost Mode this will allow other Apple devices to anonymously detect the AirTag and report its location to you. This means that you can track down an AirTag anywhere there is an iPhone nearby.

What I like about the AirTag

Super Easy Setup

Apple has nailed the setup process for the AirTag. It’s as simple as holding it near your iPhone. That’s it. From there you can name it and assign it to an item (like your keys). Compared to other tracking tags, this is the easiest one to start using.

Find My Network

If you lose your AirTag its location can be determined thanks to the iPhone network. It can connect to any iPhone to relay its location. This is a feature that only the AirTag really has. Most tracking tags require you to be within Bluetooth range to work. Where as you can potentially locate an AirTag anywhere in the world as long as there is an iPhone nearby.

Better than Expected Battery Life

I have been impressed by the AirTag battery life. I’ve found the battery lasts about a year, but it really depends on how often the AirTag moves and needs locating. I was worried that I would forever be changing batteries in my AirTags and it would just get annoying. This hasn’t been the case.

Things You Should Know

You Do Need an iPhone

The AirTag doesn’t work with Android phones. You need an iPhone to set them up. They only work with the “Find My” app on the iPhone. If you’re looking for a tracking device that will work across platforms this isn’t it.

It Needs Accessories

Unlike the “Tile” tracking device which has a hole in it, the AirTag can’t attach to anything by itself. Obviously Apple sells a range of accessories which can be pricey. There are thankfully though a huge range of third party accessories to attach an AirTag to basically anything.

Is it worth getting an AirTag!

For peace of mind it’s absolutely worth getting an AirTag. It’s relatively cheap and it’s definitely helped me on multiple occasions. Even for finding misplaced keys and wallets around the house, it has come in super handy. If you currently have an iPhone I recommend getting the AirTag over other tracking devices like the Tile. The AirTag has the advantage of being locatable anywhere an iPhone is nearby and it works seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem.

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