Does the Apple AirTag Scratch? How to Prevent

Ever wondered how easily the AirTag scratches? Have you noticed a few marks on yours? Well you aren’t alone. The finish on the AirTag is prone to scratches.

How Easily Does the AirTag Get Scratched?

The AirTag has a chrome mirror finish on one side and a white plastic finish on the other. The mirror finish on the AirTag is susceptible to scratches. I don’t think most users are going to mind this at all and is part of the device’s patina. If you are worried about your AirTag getting scratched you can choose to put it inside a protective case.

AirTag scratches
My AirTags have a few marks and scratches after a year of use

AirTag Protectors

If you want to prevent your AirTags from getting any scratches you can use an AirTag protector. These AirTag protectors from CloudValley are similar to a screen protector. They stick onto both the front and back and are specially shaped to fit the AirTag. This should protect the AirTag from pretty much all scratches and they can easily be removed. You can also change the battery with the screen protector on the AirTag.

AirTag Screen Protectors

Find out more about AirTag protectors

The Keychain design that Apple sells has an opening on the front and back. So it won’t protect the AirTag from getting scratched. An alternative is to use a Waterproof AirTag Case. These cases will not only protect your AirTag from scratches but will protect them if dropped in water.

Waterproof AirTag Case

Should You Worry about AirTag Scratches?

This is entirely a matter of personal choice. My AirTags are usually tucked away and I don’t notice the scratches. I also don’t mind the odd scratch on any of my Apple devices and don’t use a screen protector on my watch or phone. But I know many people can’t stand the look of scratches on their expensive devices. So if you care about scratches – don’t fret – just use a AirTag protector.

The bottom line is the AirTag will easily scratch if it’s in a bag or pocket so it’s best to put a protector on if you’re worried about the look of scratches.

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